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Genre Index

January 4Why War?, Sigmund Freud
January 11MacBeth, William Shakespeare
January 18The Melian Dialogue, Thucydides
January 25The Social Me, William James
February 1Rothschild's Fiddle, Anton Chekhov
February 8Pericles, William Shakespeare
February 15Concerning the Division of Labor, Adam Smith
February 22Chelkash, Maxim Gorky
March 1How an Aristocracy May be Created, Tocqueville
March 8Coriolanus, William Shakespeare
March 15Observation and Experiment, Claude Bernard
March 22Everything that Rises Must Converge, Flannery O'Connor
March 29An Essay in Aesthetics, Roger Fry
April 5Timon of Athens, William Shakespeare
April 12An Outpost of Progress, Joseph Conrad
April 19On Studying, José Ortega y Gassett
April 26Politics, Aristotle
May 3Of Commonwealth, Thomas Hobbes
May 10Troilus & Cressida, William Shakespeare
May 17Barn Burning, William Faulkner
May 24Of Civil Government, John Locke
May 31In Exile, Anton Chekhov
June 7Antony & Cleopatra, William Shakespeare
June 14The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, et al.
June 21Equality, Isaiah Berlin
June 28Sorrow-Acre, Isak Dinesen
July 5The Winter's Tale, William Shakespeare
July 12Why Americans are Often so Restless, Tocqueville
July 19After the Ball, Leo tolstoy
July 26Habit, William James
August 2The Overcoat, Nikolai Gogol
August 9The Tempest, William Shakespeare
August 16On Happiness, Aristotle
August 23Habits and Will, John Dewey
August 30Happiness, Mary Lavin
September 6Cymbeline, William Shakespeare
September 13Crito, Plato
September 20On Liberty, John Stuart Mill
September 27Conscience, Immanuel Kant
October 4Henry VIII, William Shakespeare
October 11A Hunger Artist, Franz Kafka
October 18Of the Limits of Government, John Locke
October 25Antigone, Sophocles
November 1Why Great Revolutions Will Become Rare, Tocqueville
November 8The Two Noble Kinsmen, William Shakespeare
November 15A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf
November 22In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, Delmore Schwartz
November 29Rothschild's Fiddle, Anton Chekhov
December 6Sonnets 18, 29, 116, 130, William Shakespeare
December 13On Happiness, Aristotle
December 20The Apology, Plato
December 27The Gospel According to Luke