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Genre Index

January 3Heart of Darkness,1, Joseph Conrad
January 10Heart of Darkness,2, Joseph Conrad
January 17Heart of Darkness,3, Joseph Conrad
January 24Conscience, Immanuel Kant
January 31Alienated Labour (Wages of Labour), Karl Marx
February 7Alienated Labour (Alienated Labour), Karl Marx
February 14Genesis (the Creation), Bible
February 21Genesis (Adam and Eve), Bible
February 28Genesis (the Flood), Bible
March 6Genesis (Abraham), Bible
March 13Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud
March 20The Social Contract (Book 1), Jean-Jacques Rousseau
March 27The Social Contract (Book 2), Jean-Jacques Rousseau
April 3Man and the Lower Animals, Charles Darwin
April 10Othello (Act 1), William Shakespeare
April 17Othello (Act 2), William Shakespeare
April 24Othello (Act 3), William Shakespeare
May 1Othello (Act 4), William Shakespeare
May 8Othello (Act 5), William Shakespeare
May 15Of Justice and Injustice (Section 1), David Hume
May 22Of Justice and Injustice (Section 2), David Hume
May 29Power of the Majority (Unlimited Power), Tocqueville
June 5Power of the Majority (Causes...), Tocqueville
June 12Individual Freedom, Georg Simmel
June 19Antigone, Sophocles
June 26The Crito, Plato
July 3The Virtues (Introduction), John Dewey
July 10The Virtues (Temperance), John Dewey
July 17The Virtues (Courage), John Dewey
July 24The Virtues (Justice), John Dewey
July 31The Virtues (Wisdom), John Dewey
August 7Iphigeneia at Aulis, Euripides
August 14Politics (Book 1, 1-7), Aristotle
August 21Politics (Book 1, 8-13), Aristotle
August 28Notes from the Underground (Part 1), Dostoevsky
September 4Notes from the Underground (Part 2), Dostoevsky
September 11Exodus (Exodus from Egypt, p.275-296), Bible
September 18Exodus (In the Wilderness, p.296-313), Bible
September 25Origin of Government (Nature, p.1-21), Hobbes
October 2Origin of Government (Government, p.21-32), Hobbes
October 9Billy Budd, Sailor (1-15), Herman Melville
October 16Billy Budd, Sailor (16-30), Herman Melville
October 23Wealth of Nations (Intro., ch.1-3), Adam Smith
October 30Wealth of Nations (ch.4-8), Adam Smith
November 6Antony and Cleopatra (Act 1), William Shakespeare
November 13Antony and Cleopatra (Act 2), William Shakespeare
November 20Antony and Cleopatra (Act 3), William Shakespeare
November 27Antony and Cleopatra (Act 4), William Shakespeare
December 4Antony and Cleopatra (Act 5), William Shakespeare
December 11The Knight of Faith (Exordium), Kierkegaard
December 18The Knight of Faith (Eulogy on Abraham), Kierkegaard
December 25CHRISTMAS